That You May Believe

Bread From Heaven - You Are What You Eat

John 6:41-59 • February 21, 2021 • Bill Gehm

What are you consuming? You know the phrase, "You are what you eat," Well, what are you consuming in your life? Television, Work, family time? Are you taking the time to eat the "Bread of LIfe?"

The Bread of Life

John 6: 22-40 • February 7, 2021 • Bill Gehm

Jesus is The Bread of Life! Come to him to be filled and to be satisfied. Spend time in His presence! He cares and He loves you!

Lord of the Storms... Jesus to the Rescue

John 6:15-21 • January 31, 2021 • Bill Gehm

When a storm arises, Jesus comes to the rescue. The story of Jesus walking on the sea to the Disciples is a great illustration of how Jesus rescues us every day!

A Picnic by God

John 6:1-14 • January 24, 2021 • Bill Gehm

The feeding of the 5000 is an amazing miracle, but it is also a lesson and a test. And it's a promise for the future! Don't miss the picnic by God!

Why Should We Believe Jesus?

John 5:31-47 • January 17, 2021 • Bill Gehm

Jesus reveals the four witnesses that back Him up. John the Baptist, His work, the Father, and the Scriptures. Ultimately you have to believe based on the witness presented to you. Abide in His word and He will reveal Himself to you!

The Man Who is Equal with God - Part 2

John 5:15-30 • January 10, 2021 • Bill Gehm

Jesus came to seek and save the lost... even His enemies. In the face of people who wanted to kill him, He continues to try to open the eyes and ears of everyone around Him, so that they might be saved.

The Man Who is Equal with God

John 4:54-5:18 • December 13, 2020 • Bill Gehm

The third miracle of Jesus reveals so much to the people surrounding the story and to us. Jesus is the Son of God... He IS God! He has the authority to heal and to do it on the Sabbath. He is the Lord of the Sabbath! The man that Jesus healed didn't even know who was doing it, and when he did learn the name of Jesus, he betrayed Him. But this event set some important plots into motion.

Taking Jesus at His Word

John 4:39-54 • December 6, 2020 • Bill Gehm

We all want to see a miracle, but all you need is God's Word. Many times Jesus would perform a miracle for all to see. In John 4, Jesus heals the nobleman's son with a simple sentence. Have faith in His Word!

Gourmet Jesus - The Banquet for The King

John 4:31-34 • November 22, 2020 • Bill Gehm

We all speak the language of food. Jesus used food to describe the Gospel and our part in it. People need the "Food" that Jesus provides. We (as Christians) are the laborers that need to harvest that food for the people who need it.

Living Water, "The Fountain of Eternal Life"

John 4:1-30 • November 1, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Jesus presented himself to the woman at the well in a completely different way than he had to anyone else. We all get thirsty. The woman was getting water from the well. Jesus asked for a drink, and then the conversation changed. She didn't even take her water pot when she ran off to tell the people she knew about the "Drink" that will quench a "thirst" eternally.

Lifelong Joy

October 25, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Sometimes it's hard to have joy when things around you are falling apart, but in Jesus, we can have Lifelong Joy. We need to trust in His sovereignty, listen to His voice, and put Him first!

The Heart of God

John 3:14-21 • October 18, 2020 • Bill Gehm

John 3:16 is the most recognizable verse. It was spoken to Nicodemus by Jesus. It is a great place to start for new believers. It's also an important thing to re-center and re-focus your life around. Jesus died for Nicodemus, the people you witness to, and YOU!

Jesus Knows

John 2:23-3:17 • October 11, 2020 • Bill Gehm

When Jesus met Nicodemus He knew. Jesus gave him the answer. He knew what the crowd needed, He knew what the answer was, he had the perfect story. You need to be born again!

Zeal for His House

John 2:11-22 • October 4, 2020 • Bill Gehm

When you look at John two you notice two very different views of Jesus. At the wedding, Jesus turns water to wine - CONVERSION... In the same chapter, Jesus makes a whip and CLEANSES the temple. It's important to note the order of these two events. You (the temple) don't need to be cleansed and then converted. Your conversion will cause a cleansing.

Water to Wine - Manifested Glory

John 2:1-12 • September 27, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Everyone knows the story of when Jesus turned water to wine. But why? There's a reason he chose a wedding for His first miracle, and there's a reason he chose wine. It had nothing to do with drinking or the wine itself... It has everything to do with purification and the cross that Jesus was to bear for your sins!