Leaders Part 1

September 17, 2017 • Asher Day

The Day of THE KING

Luke 19:28-44 • December 4, 2019 • Bill Gehm

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on his way to the cross the people made him their king. The disciples when to get a colt that didn't belong to them. The owner of the colt allowed it. They threw their clothing on the colt and on the ground. Even the Colt (that had not been broke) allow the King Jesus to ride on him. Is Jesus YOUR KING? Are you doing what he asks of you are you using your resources for His glory?

The Road of Discipleship

December 4, 2019 • Asher Day

If you only cling to what God has done, you will miss what God wants to do. Don't try to live in the past and miss living in the fullness that God has planned for your life.

Running on Faith Vs. Fumes

2 Corinthians 6:3-10 • December 1, 2019 • Nathan Vainio, Jr.

In our walk trails will come but no matter the circumstances we need to run our race with joy. In 2 Corinthians 6, Paul lays out a unique way of looking at the good AND the bad things that enter our lives and how we can approach these things as followers of Jesus Christ.