Mettle for Battle

2 Timothy 2

May 15, 2019 • Nick Castro

Biblical Life: Learning to Live by God's Grace 24/7 - Part 2

Titus 2:1-14 • June 16, 2019 • Bill Gehm

Your Bible is True

Acts 13:13-52 • June 12, 2019 • Nathan Vainio

You have been forgiven for your past, present, and future sins. God will never stop dealing with you on the basis of grace

Sent Out

Acts 12:25-13:12 • June 5, 2019 • Asher Day

Barnabas and Saul are sent out to teach the Gospel. They are united by Jesus and the mission He has sent them on. The ultimate goal? To glorify Jesus no matter what divisiveness or trial comes against them. Are you being faithful in the mission field God has you in?