Heather Davis

January 23, 2019 • Romans 8:28-39

Heather shares with us how she was giving her heart and life away to sin and how God came to redeem her. Redeemed: To make something that is bad or unpleasant better. To free from captivity by payment. To release from the consequence of sin.

What is a Testimony?

1 John 5:6-12 • April 10, 2019 • Matt Brown

What is a testimony? How and why do we share ours?

Trials Will Come

Matt Brown • February 27, 2019 • Job 1:6-12

Matt Brown shares his testimony on how God continues to be faithful through every trial.

Who I Am

Jada Sandridge • February 13, 2019 • Jeremiah 29:11

Jada shares her testimony on how God worked beauty from pain.