Evangelism Part 2

Asher Day

Falsely Accused

Acts 21:27-36 • January 16, 2020 • Asher Day

What do we do when we are falsely accused? How should we respond whenever the accusations against us are true? Should we accuse others when we know that they are wrong?

Courageous Leadership in the Home

Nehemiah 5 • January 12, 2020 • Bill Gehm

If change is going to be made or a problem arises, someone needs to be in the Word and filled with the spirit. Nehemiah faced an outcry from his own people. How he handled that was watched by the world. How do you do business? How do you handle conflict in your own family? The world is watching you, Follower of Christ.

Samuel Enters the Picture

1st Samuel 1:1-28 • January 12, 2020 • Asher Day

The story of Samuel starts in a humble place by a woman claiming the promise of the faithfulness of God and being faithful to what God had called her to and her family to do. How can you show faithfulness in your life?