Financial Updates

Year-End Impact

December 26, 2022 • Mike Tatlock, Stacy Carter

"As I reflect through this season, my heart continues to grab hold of the vision for us to have unshakable faith. We are living in a world where there is shaking all around us. Some shakings are personal in your marriage, singleness, health, finances, or family. Some of those shakings are national or global. Jesus was born into a world of shakings. In that world of chaos and confusion, Jesus offered a life rooted deep in his love, power, hope, and peace. Having an unshakable faith is rooted in the reality of God’s love and His faithfulness.  Christmas season is the halfway point through our fiscal year. I want to express deep gratitude to each of you for the financial gifts, offerings, and resources you have given. I pray that we, as a church, would model what radical generosity and faith look like through our giving.  Through our giving, we have the opportunity to steward the impact that God is doing in our church. I want to give us a bold challenge to be part of stewarding and resourcing what God is doing and more opportunities for impact. I want you to hear from Stacy Carter, our CFO, as she summarizes how we see the reach of our impact."  — Mike Tatlock - Lead Pastor "As I look back on the impact of our giving last fiscal year, I am in awe and wonder at how we were able to impact our city, our region, and the world. Your generosity enabled us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to so many. We gave over $95,000 to Living Water International to help build water wells. We sponsored children from Africa New Life Ministries and helped fund two new church buildings in Africa. We gave to the Refugee Care Crisis and poured out gifts and offerings in our Advent Conspiracy season (Joy Drive, City Team, Share the Warmth, etc.). We assisted over 320 families through the Heart of the City Outreach center, provided school supplies, purchased backpacks for children in our community, and discipled families throughout the year.  We also support our local partners like YoungLife, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, CatalystNW, and many more. Our desire has always been to give ourselves away, and we continue to do that all year long. Our cause is to experience and express the essence of Jesus Christ in all we do.  As we near the end of our calendar year, here is our current fiscal year budget and giving.  2022-2023 Fiscal Year Budget $3,415,739  July - November Giving $1,351,477  We have received roughly 40% of our budget, while we are almost 50% through our fiscal year. Typically by the end of the calendar year, we have received 65%-70% of our budget. This surplus is incredibly helpful as it adds to our reserves, so we have resources available to use in our leaner months of the fiscal year." — Stacy Carter - CFO, HR Director, & Executive Assistant The local church is the primary place for the mission of God to be expressed in our shaking world. 30% of our church has given $1 or more this fiscal year. Every dollar makes a difference, so this isn’t about any amount; this is about 100% participation for everyone who calls Grace Chapel home. We do not have a capacity issue of resources in our church; we have a capacity issue of worship in our giving. The resources are within our means as a church. But, I would love for us to live above and beyond what we could manage and see unshackled faith manifest into unleashed, miraculous generosity for the Kingdom. I want to boldly challenge that if you have not given to Grace Chapel, you would prayerfully decide to leverage your giving.  We have unshakable faith God will provide as we continue to be a generous church that gives itself away. Your contributions have done and continue to do powerful things, and we’re so grateful for your generosity. We hope you will take the time and pray about your year-end giving during this high-giving season.  What an exciting time for us to be the church today! Much love and gratitude, Pastor Mike & Stacy Carter

Financial Update - Oct 2022

October 16, 2022 • Stacy Carter

A Year Of Impact

July 24, 2022

On Sunday Stacy Carter (Our CFO & HR Director), Mike Tatlock (Our lead Pastor), and Jake Schwein (Campus Pastor & Pastor of Worship and Justice) shared an update on the impact of Grace Chapel during the 2021-2022 fiscal year. It is always so exciting to look back at God's faithfulness and see what He has done through our Church family. We believe in being transparent in how we spend our money. We want to let you know how God has moved in our community through your generosity. As a faith community, we are fortunate to have a history of generous people who leverage what they have so that others can experience and express the essence of Jesus. All of the funds we operate off of come in through the intentional generosity of those who call Grace Chapel their home. Your contributions have done and continue to do powerful things, and we’re so grateful for your generosity. Grace Chapel started with a vision to Give Itself Away. Since the founding of our church in 1998, God has surprised, challenged, and blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined. He has allowed us to effectively serve both locally and globally in ways that have put us on the front line of seeing Him usher in life change. Looking back at God’s faithfulness gives us the assurance and courage to boldly step forward into a bright and exciting future. Our strong and vibrant past gives us the foundation to look forward to an amazing future.

Financial Update - May 2022

May 22, 2022

Grace Chapel's May 2022 Financial Update