Loving One Another

December 8, 2019 • Pastor Ray Stewart

“We exist to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ through the doctrinal truth of the Word of God.” Making disciples is the foundation of our existence, and at the core of Christ mission on the earth. If we are going to “replenish the earth,” with “born again” believers, we must see them become disciples, and then commission them with the “ministry of reconciliation” as they go out into the world, and fulfill God’s plan for their lives, the Universe, and the earth. Using the theme of “one another,” let’s begin this series by looking at the first of several Characteristics (loving One Another) that every member of Grace and Truth must have, if we are going to live out this mission.

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Edifying One Another

December 29, 2019 • Pastor Ray Stewart

The word “edify” means a building up, in a moral and religious sense; instruction; improvement and progress of the mind, in knowledge, in morals, or in faith and holiness. The source for our reason to edify one another, is centered in the fact that we have obtained salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, because of His sacrifice on the cross of Calvary for us. The fact that we have placed our faith and our trust in that sacrifice, has given us the blessed assurance, that we are going to spend eternity with Him. But until then, until we are raptured out of here at the rapture of the church, we are called to be disciples, who are engaged in the battle for the souls of men. To wage a successful battle, requires that every now and then, someone will need to come along side of us, and build us up. Lift us up, encourage us, edify us. We know that making disciples require that those disciples periodically need edification. So God has given us the “kingdom of God,” a spiritual kingdom to live inside of us, so that we could edify one anther: