What Child is This?

What Child is This? (Pt.4 - Joseph/The Adoption)

Matthew 1:18-25 • December 24, 2017 • Pastor Armin Sommer

There is someone who receives surprisingly little space in the gospel accounts: Joseph. While the New Testament documents a few of Joseph's actions from the early years of his relationship with Mary and Jesus’ childhood, it records in print not a single statement from him. Beyond his actions of obedience, care, and presence there is not one word about him. We don’t sing of Joseph in our Christmas carols. His words are not present in the gospel texts. But Joseph was powerfully present before, at, and after the manger.

What Child is This? (Pt.3 The Shepherds)

Luke 2:8–18 • December 17, 2017 • Pastor Armin Sommer

In Jesus' day, if you wanted important information to go viral, the way to go was to target your message to the elite and influential - the high priests, members of the Sanhedrin, the priests and the scribes. Definitely NOT shepherds! So, why in the world did God send His angels to announce history’s most important message to them?

What Child is This? (Pt.2 - The Wise Men)

Matthew 2:1-12 • December 10, 2017 • Pastor Armin Sommer

We are in part 2 of our series, WHAT CHILD IS THIS?, which answers that question from the perspective of 4 of the principle personalities of the NT nativity account: Mary (last wk), the Wise Men, Shepherds, and Joseph. Today we meet the wise men, who also wondered, “What child is this?”

What Child is This? (Pt.1 - Mary)

Luke 1:26-35 • December 3, 2017 • Pastor Armin Sommer

The famous Christmas Carol, “What Child Is This?” which we often sing during the Advent season was written by William Chatterton Dix. The song asks an important question that is worth thinking about. Each character mentioned in the famous carol must have wondered exactly what this child would do. The four Sundays of Advent (December 3, 10, 17, and 24) will answer that question from the perspective of: Mary A Wise Man A Shepherd And Joseph