GREATER- Pt.1: "The Gospel in Motion"

Colossians 1:1-8

February 14, 2016 • Pastor Segun Aiyegbusi

A friend of mine, a new mom, recently posted something on line that captured my attention, especially as it pertains to this new series, “GREATER” in the book of Colossians. She’s a first time mom, so naturally, there are a lot of things she’s having to learn on the job. In perhaps what may have been one of those frustrating episodes where she didn’t know what to do about her newborn, she wrote this: “God has recently taught me a pretty cool lesson. When my daughter wasn’t sleeping and making a fuss all night, I was desperately searching for answers on the Internet. Searching, searching, and searching, but finding no help. It then occurred to me that instead of praying to God, what I was really doing was praying to Pintrest. I was in desperate need of help and I believed these social media sites were where I’d find it. Though I frequently threw up a “Lord, Help!” prayer, I was mostly expecting the mommy bloggers to be my real savior. It was only when none of it worked that God got through to me, as if to say, “Or you could pray to ME and wait for ME and trust ME for wisdom on how to raise your daughter.” It was then that it hit me that I should have stayed in connection with the true source of life. And so I stopped praying to Pintrest and instead started praying to the Great I Am. And wouldn’t you know, He answered, and pretty quickly. He gave me insight about what to do with my daughter, insight that I hadn’t once read on a blog! I never would have found the answer out there! I am so thankful that he was the only source of the truth and help I and my child needed.” #whoareyouprayingto #dontpraytopintrest #givejesusachance” It’s safe to say this girl has stumbled on some life-changing truth; the same truth that the book of Colossians is trying to stress to us. And it’s this: no matter what you’re facing, and no matter what you have turned to for comfort, security, or peace, understand that JESUS CHRIST IS GREATER! Only by staying connected with Jesus Christ through faith can anyone have eternal life, but also, only through a continuing connection with Him can anyone have power to thrive in life and live above the fray. In this 5-part series through the first chapter of Colossians, we will explore the person and work of Jesus Christ, and see why He is indeed, GREATER!

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