Survivor- PART 7: FEBRUARY First Wednesday Service

February 3, 2021 • Pastor Cameron Baker

Zacchaeus was a sinner saved by Grace, and his story gives us an ideal image of what repentance looks like in the life of someone who professes faith in Jesus. Throughout the New Testament, Jesus and his disciples call people to repentance. So what is true repentance? Is it necessary for salvation? Join us for this First Wednesday where we learn from Zacchaeus’s life what repentance is.

Survivor- PART 8: MARCH First Wednesday Service

March 4, 2021 • Pastor Cameron

What is the life-blood of human existence?  Would you answer: Food, Water, Air, Shelter?  There are so many possible options to fill in the blank with.  In our time together, in March, we will look deeply into this question through the eyes of a religious outsider.  The person in question is thoroughly disconnected from God and does not know the truth.  What could we learn? Could this person be an example for us? - Enter and see.

Survivor- PART 6: JANUARY First Wednesday Service

January 7, 2021 • Pastor Cameron Baker

What would the world be like if we were quick to examine ourselves, course correct, and confess when we have done wrong? The answer: It would be heavenly. So why then do most people struggle with this plan? It's all about letting go of our fears and allowing God to do his work on our Spirits. This month at our First Wednesday Service, we will be exploring two important Survival tools, that when implemented, guarantee spiritual growth; not just any growth, growth in the Spirit of Christ! Be ready! Be strong! Be faithful!

Survivor- PART 5: DECEMBER First Wednesday Service

12/2/2020 • December 2, 2020 • Pastor Cameron Baker

In this part of our Survivor series, we come together to discover the importance of a Survivor Group. The US Army and Marine Corps. call it a Squad, the US Navy: a Crew. You may call it a family, but a true Survivor Group of Christians can be the tightest of all. We strive not just for our own survival but for the eternal salvation of the people around us. Be ready! Be Strong! Be Faithful!