Tim Keller on the 3 Dangers for Anyone in Ministry

December 9, 2016 • Tim Keller

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Why Should Pastors Stay? A Panel on Joyful Endurance

August 8, 2020 • H. B. Charles Jr., Dave Harvey, Richard Phillips, Jeff Robinson, Juan Sánchez

The Gospel Coalition hosted a breakout panel titled “Faithful Endurance: The Joy of Shepherding People for a Lifetime” with H. B. Charles Jr., Dave Harvey, Richard Phillips, Jeff Robinson, and Juan Sánchez at the 2019 National Conference to address the present trend of short stays in pastoral roles within churches. Knowing that the average length of tenure for an evangelical pastor is slightly less than three years, it’s no surprise that instability plagues our churches, which is healthy neither for the congregation nor the pastor. The panel discussed the value of faithful pastors who dedicate their lives to single congregations for decades, and the formative process through which faithfulness to a single congregation builds godly character over time.

Journey with John Flavel Toward Fearlessness

August 1, 2020 • Laura Powell

Laura Powell led a workshop during The Gospel Coalition’s 2018 Women’s Conference message titled “Journey with John Flavel Toward Fearlessness.” Fear is a common emotion that drives each of us, in one way or another, on a daily basis. In her message, Powell defined the types of fear people face, and she referenced the writings of Puritan preacher John Flavel to bring context and clarity. Powell reminds us that the fear of the Lord is good, that sin caused our fears to be fallen, and that our fears can be redeemed by the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.

The Visual Discovery of God

July 25, 2020 • Tim Challies, Josh Byers

During a breakout session at The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 National Conference, Josh Byers and Tim Challies teamed up to deliver a message titled “How Visual Theology Displays the Truth About God.” Never before in history has the world been so acutely aware of the importance of visual communication. The power of images to shape culture, communication, and education is undeniable, including within the church. Yet imagery has been troublesome at times in church history. In order to help people within our churches become good theologians, we must teach sound doctrine in words, but we also need to engage them visually in order to undergird and communicate truth in ways we might not otherwise clearly accomplish.