Tim Keller on the 3 Dangers for Anyone in Ministry

December 9, 2016 • Tim Keller

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The Christian Life Is J-Shaped

February 27, 2021 • Paul Miller

“The lower the depth of the suffering, the greater the resurrection.” Paul Miller delivered a message at Bethlehem College & Seminary’s 2020 Pastors’ Conference titled “J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life.” He introduces the idea of the J-Curve—a very simple idea that the letter “J” traces the path down into Jesus’s death and up into his resurrection—from Philippians 3:7–11. Miller emphasized the idea that we share in the suffering of Christ and become like him in death, making two points and asking one question in regard to that truth: It’s strange. We usually flee from suffering. Aren’t Jesus’s sufferings over?

Future Liberation From Present Pain

February 21, 2021 • Jason Cook

“Hope is borrowing the joy of tomorrow, today.” Jason Cook delivered a message at The Gospel Coalition Carolinas Regional Conference called “Groaning til Glory.” From Romans 8:18–25, Cook addressed the manner in which Christians must anchor themselves through storms and suffering, building from the thesis, “Suffering exists as a divine tool to wean us off the lower pleasures of this world and to encourage us to persevere, because we have hope.”

Why Prayer Is Necessary for Revival

February 7, 2021 • H. B. Charles Jr.

H. B. Charles delivered a message at The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 Arizona Regional Conference on “The Necessity of Prayer in Revival.” From the prayer recorded in Acts 4:23–31, Charles examined the manner through which churches experiences spiritual breakthrough and revival—when believers pray with confidence in the sovereignty of God. He detailed what moved the Jerusalem church to pray, what the church prayed, and what happened when the church prayed.