Glorify God by Embracing Diversity

September 11, 2020 • Jackie Hill Perry, Jamie Ivey, Itohan Omolere

The Gospel Coalition hosted a workshop titled “Embracing the Beauty of Diversity” with Jackie Hill Perry, Jamie Ivey, and Itohan Omolere at the 2018 Women’s Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. The panel addressed the importance of diversity for Christians, beginning with God as the author of diversity and leading into how that point should affect the lives of believers. They discussed what it means to celebrate diversity on an individual level, within families and friendships, and within the church. PODCAST SPONSOR This episode of The Gospel Coalition podcast is sponsored by Austin Stone Worship. Austin Stone Worship’s new album, WITHIN, is an honest, worship-filled overflow of broken sinners experiencing the relentless pursuit of a holy and loving God. As you listen, we pray your heart is stirred to love and worship Jesus. Listen to WITHIN on all streaming services, and find album resources at austinstoneworship.com

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You Are My Neighbor, Too

June 11, 2021 • Jason Cook

“Compassion means recognizing first and foremost the humanity of an individual, and seeing them as created in the image of God.” Jason Cook delivered a message at TGC’s 2018 Carolinas Regional Conference titled “I Am Your Neighbor,” as a part of their series “Equipped for Every Good.” Teaching from Luke 10, Cook addressed the nature of discipleship, particularly as it pertains to engaging culture as people who love both God and neighbor. Cook added the caveat that what we often consider to be neighbor love may not actually reflect what it means to love others as ourselves.

Paul Tripp on the Peril of Pastoral Pride

June 4, 2021 • Paul Tripp

Paul Tripp delivered a message during TGC's Pre-Conference at the 2018 Bethlehem College and Seminaries Pastor's Conference titled “Danger of Familiarity.” Directly addressing the pastors in the room, he directed their attention toward a single danger of life in ministry—familiarity with the gospel. The overwhelming privilege of spending a life dedicated to understanding, declaring, and ministering the gospel can have the adverse effect of numbing pastors to the splendor of God and the gospel. Knowledge and experiences that once led to worship subtly fade and actually become irritants that produce selfishness and self-worship. The danger is that, in the midst of serving God in a life of ministry, pastors often lose their awe of God—the principal shaper and motivator of pastoral ministry.

J. D. Greear on Future Hopes for the Southern Baptist Convention

May 28, 2021 • J.D. Greear, Sarah Zylstra

In a few weeks, thousands of Southern Baptists will head to Nashville, Tennessee, for their annual meeting. So will news reporters, because the Southern Baptist Convention is huge—4.5 million at last count, making it the largest Protestant denomination in the United States. The current president of the SBC is J. D. Greear, pastor at The Summit Church in North Carolina. The Summit Church has sent out more than 1,400 missionaries and planted more than 40 churches. Over the past few years, Greear has watched the SBC wrestle through sex abuse scandals, COVID 19, and the contentious presidential election. He’s got a pretty good handle on where the denomination sits and where he hopes it’s going. In this episode of TGC Podcast, senior writer Sarah Zylstra sits down with Greear to discuss his experience as SBC president, future hopes for the SBC and the global church, and the importance of keeping the gospel at the center of it all.