Glorify God by Embracing Diversity

September 11, 2020 • Jackie Hill Perry, Jamie Ivey, Itohan Omolere

The Gospel Coalition hosted a workshop titled “Embracing the Beauty of Diversity” with Jackie Hill Perry, Jamie Ivey, and Itohan Omolere at the 2018 Women’s Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. The panel addressed the importance of diversity for Christians, beginning with God as the author of diversity and leading into how that point should affect the lives of believers. They discussed what it means to celebrate diversity on an individual level, within families and friendships, and within the church. PODCAST SPONSOR This episode of The Gospel Coalition podcast is sponsored by Austin Stone Worship. Austin Stone Worship’s new album, WITHIN, is an honest, worship-filled overflow of broken sinners experiencing the relentless pursuit of a holy and loving God. As you listen, we pray your heart is stirred to love and worship Jesus. Listen to WITHIN on all streaming services, and find album resources at austinstoneworship.com

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Even in Our Anxiety, God Is in Control

September 24, 2021 • Alasdair Groves

Alasdair Groves taught a breakout session at TGC’s 2021 National Conference titled, “Nothing Outside His Control” as a response to the anxiety that is common to our human experience and amplified through current events. Defining anxiety as “the reality that, in the fallen world, there will be suffering in our future,” Groves turned to Hebrews 2:7-9 to flesh out how we should address it. The passage of Scripture, he taught, clearly states that God is in full control of all things, but we do not yet see everything in subjection to him. Embracing those two truths and holding them in tension is key to rightly responding to anxiety in our lives.

Motherhood and the Hope of the Gospel

September 17, 2021 • Christine Hoover, Trillia Newbell, Irene Sun

TGC hosted a panel discussion during the 2021 Women’s Conference titled “Motherhood and the Hope of the Gospel” with Christine Hoover, Trillia Newbell, Irene Sun, and Laura Wifler. Against the backdrop of such a difficult last year for mothers everywhere dealing with the reality of pandemic-driven changes, the panel offered words of hope for those who are tired and weary. Mental health, emotional health, relational strain, and all sorts of suffering and struggle common to motherhood were addressed, and each participant in the panel offered biblical and experiential wisdom to encourage mothers and point them continually to Christ and his Word.

John Piper on the Essential Achievement of Christ

September 10, 2021 • John Piper

John Piper preached a message at TGC’s 2021 National Conference on “The Essential Achievement of Christ” from Hebrews 9:1-10:18. Through this text, Piper expounded upon six manifestations of Christ’s greatness, magnifying the central achievement—the removal of guilt—and the averting of the wrath of God from those who are in Christ Jesus. He preached: - Christ the Great Absence - Christ the Great Achievement - Christ the Great Accession - Christ the Great Application - Christ the Great Arrival - Christ the Great Abundance