The Dynamic Ministry of Women in Early Christianity

September 7, 2018 • Michael Kruger

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Finding Peace in the Midst of an Anxious World

October 15, 2021 • Suzanne Bates, Betsy Childs Howard, Courtney Reissig

Betsy Childs Howard led a discussion with Suzanne Bates, Courtney Reissig, and Kristin Wetherell in a breakout session at the TGC 2021 Women’s Conference titled “Steadfast Hope in an Anxious World.” They addressed different types of anxiety, the notion that anxiety is sin, scriptural vs. sinful responses to anxiety, anxiety as spiritual warfare, and medical treatments for anxiety, among other topics. They offered specific and practical hope for women struggling with anxiety, encouraging them to remember that they are not alone in the fight.

How the Cross Provides Healing for Abuse Victims

October 8, 2021 • Joel Kurz, Matthew Spandler-Davison

Speaking primarily from his own traumatic experiences and pastoring others through their own, Matthew Spandler-Davidson led a workshop for pastors at the 2021 TGC National Conference titled “How the Cross Offers Healing for Victims of Abuse.” Having both experienced and seen abuse as a child—from beatings to rape to being smothered with a pillow—he was left shy, insecure, bitter, angry, and self-centered. It was through the care of a rugged fisherman with a thick Scottish accent, a glass eye, and a long beard that he was introduced to the Bible and the gospel broke into his stubborn, dead, and cold heart. Hope was stirred as Christ and his church became a refuge for his weary soul, and he worked to create the same for other victims when he became a pastor. Spandler-Davidson enumerated three ways churches can become a hope-giving refuge for victims of abuse and several ways to ensure that your church can be a place of safety for the vulnerable and healing for the hurting.

Why You Should Attend Church Every Week

October 1, 2021 • Matt Merker

Matt Merker led a workshop at the 2021 TGC National Conference titled “Gathered by God’s Grace” to encourage pastors as they move toward assembling in more traditional ways after tight guidelines from the pandemic are loosened. He walked through the gathering of God’s people in both the Old and New Testaments, focusing on how they informed two particular ideas: - Why gathering is so essential for the life of the church. - Why it matters that God is the One who gathers us and works in our midst during our corporate worship.