Accelerating Gospel Advancing Ministry through Lead THE Cause

October 20, 2015 • Dare 2 Share • Featuring Tyree Sterling and his students at Lead THE Cause

Tyree Sterling, a youth pastor near Baltimore, and some of his students talk with host Jason Loewen about Lead THE Cause and the impact that it has had on their program.

Infusing the Gospel Advancing Values into a Worthwhile Network

If you've ever thought about starting a youth ministry network that is going to have Kingdom impact then check out this episode. From the conversations among the hosts to the interview with Josh Edwards this episode is packed with helpful insights.

Recruiting Leaders when it's Difficult

Greg Stier, Carrie Evans, and Jason Loewen address a question from Neil, one of our listeners, about how to recruit and equip leaders in difficult situations.

How to Train your Small Group Leaders

Nathan Smith and Jim Barringer share from their years of experience about how to train and prepare small group leaders, in order to maximize their effectiveness and get them ready to impact the students they are working with.