Intercessory Prayer & Relational Evangelism

March 31, 2015 • Dare 2 Share

Hosts Greg Stier, Jason Loewen, and Carrie Evans talk about Gospel Advancing Ministry and its long-term impact. Mr. Bill, a youth pastor of 20+ years, discusses the importance of intercessory prayer. Zane Black adds his thoughts on how relational evangelism paves the way for effective, lasting and transformative ministry.

Pay Off in Youth Ministry

Experience a pay off in youth ministry that we can all get excited about. Greg, Carrie and Jason answer 2 questions from our listeners. This very practical episode will help to equip youth leaders continue developing a Gospel Advancing Ministry.

Recruiting the Right Leaders

Recruiting the right leaders can be a challenge or a joy. Scott, Carrie, and Jason begin the conversation about leadership development and recruiting the right leaders. Jon Burdette joins the discussion adding his insights from years in youth ministry.

Practical Insights to Incorporating the 7 Values

March 4, 2016 • Dare 2 Share

Tyree Sterling joins the conversation adding insights from the last 18 months as he has incorporated the 7 Values into his annual calendar and his weekly schedule. It is super encouraging as he talks about the impact of Gospel Advancing Ministry.