We haven't arrived. Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2017

Seek to Understand

"Race" week 2 • February 5, 2017 • Mark Sheets

One of the most counted on, but misleading senses we have is our eyesight. We often say, "I'll believe it when I see it," and yet "faith is...the conviction of things we cannot see." We often approach others or believe things about them based on the things we think we see, but to really see someone the way Jesus did is to see them with your heart. Sometimes we are limited by the lens we look at life through.

We Haven't Arrived

January 29, 2017 • Bryan Rezen

Christ challenges us to recognize the gap between the Kingdom of God and the injustice/inequality that surrounds people of color. Only when we acknowledge our brother and sisters’ experiences can we begin to seek healing.