Anatomy of the Church

We Are His Body

Body In Motion

September 25, 2022 • Aaron Holley • Acts 1—5

SERMON IN A SENTENCE: "The impact of the Kingdom accelerates as the collective of God's people, empowered by the Holy Spirit, faithfully carry out the mandate and the mission of Jesus."

Wardrobe Change

September 18, 2022 • Cody Balch • 1 Corinthians 9:19–23

SERMON IN A SENTENCE: "Priority must always be given to contextualizing the Gospel and mission of Jesus instead of contextualizing our comforts and preferences."

Heart & Souls

September 11, 2022 • Aaron Holley • Ephesians 4:11–13

SERMON IN A SENTENCE: "When the church is healthy, the mission of the church is unstoppable."

Hand Eye Coordination

September 4, 2022 • Aaron Holley