Parenting Beyond the Rules

May 2, 2019

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The Life of Dr. Joel Hunter

Part 2 • October 14, 2019

The Life of Dr. Joel Hunter

Part 1 • October 9, 2019

What gives a minister of the Gospel the courage to move ahead when life throws him the unequaled grief of losing both a son and a granddaughter? Find out on this episode of Welcome Home as we feature Dr. Joel Hunter. Joel will share his story of incredibly vibrant and real faith in the face of tragedy, and how he continued to minister as senior pastor of a megachurch.

Miss Florida 2019

September 30, 2019 • Michaela McLean

Watch our all new 30-minute Welcome Home as we feature Miss Florida 2019, Michaela McLean. Michaela will share her message to help young women live their lives bravely and beautifully, as she speaks into her social impact initiative, Brave & Beautiful. Brave & Beautiful empowers young women to live, love and lead courageously. McLean has hosted numerous conferences both domestically and internationally, including conferences in Kenya, Dominican Republic and Guatemala. As Miss Florida, she shares the message of Brave & Beautiful to several different groups of young women, including sorority girls, high school students, community groups, and women in prison.