Adventist Frontier Missions

Adventist Frontier Missions seeks to establish indigenous Seventh-day Adventist church-planting movements among unreached people groups.


AWR carries the gospel to many of the largest and most remote mission fields in the world.

Go Missions: Faith in Action

The flagship production of Go Missions, Faith in Action takes you to the frontlines of mission work around the world.

Jesus for Asia Now

Jesus for Asia's weekly program that airs on 3ABN every Friday evening at 7pm EST. Highlighting the work and ministry of Jesus for Asia and its many projects and affiliates.

Maranatha Mission Stories

A half-hour series that takes a look into the heart of Maranatha’s mission. Each episode takes you around the world, sharing stories about communities and people who have been transformed by faith, compassion, and the act of service.

Mission 360˚ TV

Mission 360˚ TV takes you inside the mission stories to explore the lives of missionaries and people serving God all over the world. Explore new places and cultures with your host, Gary Krause, as he shows you what mission looks like in all contexts!

Mission 360˚ Weekly

Mission 360˚ produces a special mission video for each week during the quarter. These weekly videos offer an up-close and personal look at global mission work. See the challenges missionaries face and watch God change lives around the world!

Mission Spotlight

Mission Spotlight features three monthly mission videos that highlight the 13th Sabbath Offering projects and introduce you to inspiring missionaries and church workers around the globe. Come see what mission looks like in every corner of the earth!