The Multitasking Spirit

This week Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark teaches us that the Holy Spirit inside of us is the ultimate multitasker. The Holy Spirit has no saturation point. No bandwidth issues. No point of limited returns. He does all things well even while multitasking!

Say Sometin’

We are in a series entitled God Inside. We are talking about the exponential difference the Holy Spirit make in our lives. The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to Say Sometin’ to those who don’t know Jesus.

Holy Siri

The Holy Spirit is like a Holy Siri, He is Siri in our soul. The worth of the Spirit’s influence is enjoyed most profoundly when sense him gently speaking to us within, leading us, guiding us, comforting us.

Living While Intoxicated

Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark continues his God Inside series with the sermon “Living While Intoxicated”. In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul leverages this idea of intoxication to teach us one of the most important lessons of the spiritual life. He redeems the concept. He teaches us about an intoxication that does not lead to regret. That is not unwise but wise. That does not leave us vulnerable but makes us strong.

The Best Roommate Ever

Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark begins a new series, God Inside, with the sermon “The Best Roommate Ever”. God has given the Holy Spirit to us as a lifelong roommate. He is a roommate who helps us endure, who is our strength, and who has a room in our souls.

Believe God

Reverend Denise Pierce brings today’s sermon entitled “Believe God”. She teaches that we should believe God in our head and in our hearts. It is one thing to believe in God and to appreciate that God is there. It is quite another to take God into our hearts and take God at his word; to trust that the promises of this book apply to us.

Momentum Shifts

This Sunday is our Spirit Bowl celebration where Coach Gaylon Clark gets us ready for the game with his sermon “Momentum Shifts”. There are a few people who have been losing a lot lately. You feel like this game of life is getting out of hand. You’ve lost your confidence and misplaced your fire. But a momentum shift can change everything in your life.

I Almost Lost It

Pastor Kevin White closes out the Spiritual Truancy Sermon Series with the message “I Almost Lost It”. In this life, we will experience circumstances we can’t comprehend and we may be tempted to LOSE OUR FAITH IN GOD; but coming to church will KEEP YOU LOSING IT!

Jesus Goes To Church

Pastor Clark continues the Spiritual Truancy Sermon Series with the message 'Jesus Goes To Church'. The fact that Jesus is 'in the house' is one of the greatest reasons to go to church. It also is a great reason to stay awake - physically and mentally - when you get there.

Get Outta Bed

Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark continues his series entitled Spiritual Truancy with the sermon “Get Outta Bed”. Does church attendance really matter? Just like school truancy compromises a child’s quality of life, church truancy prevents us from enjoying the full life made available of us by our Heavenly Father.

Reasons I Stay At Home

Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark begins a new series Spiritual Truancy with the sermon “Reasons I Stay At Home.” Does church attendance really matter? This is no small matter to God. Just like school truancy hinders the mental and social development of child, church truancy is hostile to the spiritual formation of the children of God.

Help to Get Started

As we begin the new year, Pastor Clark walks us through The Creation to see how the Holy Spirit can help us get started in taking on any need we have in our lives.

The Day Before Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Pastor Clark explains to us how to trust Jesus even when life looks hard. The 'hard' is only setting us up for the 'great' that only Jesus can bring.

Let Him Live

In this message Pastor Clark presents the story of Jesus' birth from the perspective of King Herod and his interaction with the wise men.

Called And Connected To Conquer

Guest Pastor Paul Sheppard of Destiny Christian Fellowship, Fremont California joins us for our 87th Church Anniversary. Bringing a message from Romans 8, Pastor Sheppard teaches on the topic 'Called & Connected to Conquer'.

While You Wait

Pastor Coatney brings this message from the book of Luke 2:25-32. Here we find how Simeon teaches how to wait while in the process of waiting for God's Promise to come to pass.

Look Again

Our own Reverend Denise Pierce brings this Sunday's message with a sermon titled "Look Again". We can’t change the up and downs of the Christian life so perhaps we need to change the way we see it. We should look again. Try to see our circumstances from God's perspective.

Show Me Your Glory

Guest Pastor Wilberforce Okumu from Pearl Haven Ministries of Mbale, Uganda walks us through a request that Moses had of God, 'Please show me Your Glory'. How does the Glory of God change your life?

Retirement Planning

Today Pastor Clark concludes the Balancing Your Budget Series with the message Retirement Planning. Biblically our budgets are balanced when generosity as a fixed line item. One of the signature benefits of giving is that everything we give goes directly into our retirement fund in heaven.

The Final Audit

Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark continues the series Balancing Your Budget with the sermon "The Final Audit". God raises our standard of living so he can raise our standard of giving. He teaches us that we should give as much as we can to the kingdom of God, the best way to do that is by giving our first fruits.

Therefore Go

Guest Pastor Junius B. Dotson brings the message "Therefore, GO!"