Meeting the Real Jesus

Part 1; His Teachings

September 15, 1996 • Dr. Timothy J. Keller

There are three kinds of people who are open to Jesus: the poor, the violent, and the "least of these." Those who are poor, or those who know they're no different than the poor, identify with Jesus the most. If we identify with him and choose to accept him, he will disrupt our lives in order to change us and heal us.

The King is Come

March 2, 1997 • Dr. Timothy J. Keller

What do we learn from Jesus' entry into Jerusalem? Jesus is incredibly humble but absolutely immodest. He orchestrates his entry to show that he is the King. His message to everyone is that they can crown him or kill him, but there is no middle way. The same choice holds true for each and every one of us.

Lord of the Wine

November 17, 1996 • Dr. Timothy J. Keller

Why did Jesus use his powers for something as trivial as replenishing wine at a party? It is because he knows that history will ultimately end at another feast, the wedding supper of the Lamb. Jesus sits in sorrow at this wedding party as he thinks of the price he will have to pay in order to invite us to the ultimate wedding party. He offers us his wine so we may taste God and know joy.

Rejecting the Real Jesus

September 22, 1996 • Dr. Timothy J. Keller

Why do so many people disbelieve Christianity and reject the message of Jesus Christ? The underlying problem is that we do not want to give up control over our lives and have God be our ultimate authority. To overcome unbelief we must see our need for a Savior and look to Jesus Christ, the wisdom of God, who died for us on the cross.