Episode 64

March 2, 2021 • Pastor Josh, Pastor Robert, Dr. Scott Manor

This week Josh plays host to Pastor Robert and Dr. Scott Manor, the president of Knox Theological Seminary to discuss our vision to raise up the next generation of pastors and ministry leaders here at Gateway, how seminary fits into that vision, and our partnership with Knox Seminary.

Episode 98

January 25, 2022

We're back! The first episode of 2022 Pastor Josh, Laura, and Shaun sit down to kick things off with a discussion about a sermon from Louie Giglio. If you haven't listened to the sermon before, you can hit the link below to catch up if you want before joining the discussion. The Global God Who Gives the Great Commission - Louie Giglio https://youtu.be/zLjVZkEsazE

Episode 97 (Christmas Spectacular)

December 14, 2021 • Shaun, Lindsay, and Carsten

It's the Christmas Spectacular episode! This year Shaun, Lindsay, and Carsten are having a movie draft for all things Christmas and you get to help decide who the winner is! Be sure to visit our social media channels or hit the website link below to cast your vote. We hope you have as much fun as we did and hopefully you find some fun ideas in the draft to help bolster your Christmas cheer. This is our last episode of 2021, so thanks for listening this year. We'll be back in 2022 with new episodes. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Episode 96

November 23, 2021 • Pastor Josh, Laura, and Shaun

The last episode of 2021 for Josh, Laura, and Shaun. The gang gets together for a little Q&A!