Episode 64

March 2, 2021 • Pastor Josh, Pastor Robert, Dr. Scott Manor

This week Josh plays host to Pastor Robert and Dr. Scott Manor, the president of Knox Theological Seminary to discuss our vision to raise up the next generation of pastors and ministry leaders here at Gateway, how seminary fits into that vision, and our partnership with Knox Seminary.

Episode 71

April 20, 2021 • Pastor Josh, Laura, and Shaun

Settle in because this week's episode is a loooooooong one! We had some questions come in about predestination, and it's a complex topic so we thought it would be helpful to spend a lot of time in scripture. So here is part one of our two-part discussion on predestination. We'll be back next week with part two.

Episode 70

April 13, 2021 • Pastor Josh, Laura, Shaun, and guest

Pastor Robert joins the pod this week to talk about our equip classes: what they are, how they came about, and what our summer slate of classes looks like!

Episode 69

April 6, 2021 • Pastor Josh and guest

This week Pastor Josh plays host to fellow EPC pastor and friend, Pastor Rob Hock from Southport Pres in Indianapolis, Indiana to talk about ministry, pastoring, and the Christian faith.