The Heat is On!

Issues of Politics and Race

The Heat is On! - Week 2

September 27, 2020 • Randy Hageman

It’s been a difficult week and a terrible year for race relations in America. There’s no question we have problems, but do we know the source of our solution? For followers of Jesus Christ, we look first to him to help guide and teach us about how we are to live together in this world. Today we’ll explore some biblical principles that can help us follow Jesus and get closer to what heaven will be like.

The Heat is On! - Week 1

September 20, 2020 • Randy Hageman

SERIES: THE HEAT IS ON! In the midst of all the challenges we've been facing with the Coronavirus Pandemic, two other significant issues have raised the heat for folks in America today. The first is our political situation, with what seems to be close to gridlock, and people losing friends based on where they stand politically. In addition, long-simmering race issues have risen to the boiling point over the past few months, leading many folks struggling to find their way. In this brief series, we're going to examine the issues of politics and race to see how God and His Word guide Christians in America today.