Building Successful Relationships

Sermon Series


Building Successful Relationships - Pt. 6 • July 1, 2018 • Randy Hageman

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me” is often repeated, especially to our kids, but the truth is that words have great power, to harm as well as to encourage and lift up. Love, availability, encouragement, respect and interest empower good relationships, but they’re useless if they aren’t communicated to the other person. Every relationship is sustained and deepened by good communication!


Building Successful Relationships - Pt. 5 • June 17, 2018 • Randy Hageman

There are people in our world today who are so hungry for respect and honor, but to gain it they think they have to put others down to raise themselves up, Yet this is so destructive for building healthy, growing relationships. Everyone appreciates receiving respect. When we see people as God sees them, as "fearfully and wonderfully made". then we can find ways to show respect to those around us and strengthen those relationships.


Building Successful Relationships - Pt. 4 • June 10, 2018 • Tom Louis

Everyone experiences pain at various points of life and that is bad enough. But being all alone in pain can be almost unbearable. What a difference it makes when we as Christ followers - by faith - are unafraid to enter into another’s pain. We can bring the hope and assurance that’s been given to us and that is vitally needed by others.


Building Successful Relationships – Part 3 • June 3, 2018 • Randy Hageman

The world encourages us to look out for number one above all else. Ads tell us we deserve so much more than we have. Our world is increasingly encouraging us to be self-centered. But this is a recipe for minimizing, even destroying, relationships. The Bible, instead, calls us to focus on others and be genuinely interested in them. In fact, as we’ll see today, being interested in others, listening to them, paying attention, may just be one of the biggest keys to building successful relationships.


Building Successful Relationships - Pt. 2 • May 27, 2018 • Randy Hageman

Lots of books have been written on motivating people. There’s often a tendency in our social media-driven culture to criticize and condemn. Yet, the Bible, authored by the God who created us, who knows us best, tells us: “…encourage one another daily…” (Heb. 3:13). Every relationship is blessed through encouragement. Today we’ll explore the power of encouragement for our relationships, and why it’s so valuable every day!

Building Successful Relationships

Love - Pt. 01 • May 20, 2018 • Randy Hageman

The world around us has many understandings of love and it's importance in relationships. But, the Bible points to a particular kind of love - a love that gives, that focuses on others unconditionally and that is necessary to build successful...

Building Successful Relationships

LOVE: Loving others without condition • May 20, 2018 • Randy Hageman

We all hunger for long-lasting, life-building relationships. For many they are a struggle to establish or even maintain. We all desire a deep relationship with our spouse, parents, children, coworkers, friends and others around us. In reality, the quality of the life we live is directly related to the success or failure of these relationships. For the next few weeks, we’ll look at the principles we can learn from to increase the level of intimacy in our existing relationships, help us develop new relationships, and perhaps repair damaged relationships from our past.