The innovations of tomorrow are being built on the solid electrical foundation that FSG brings.

So, what is a lighting and electrical contractor doing in Denver at a high-density supercomputing conference? It makes perfect sense when you realize how critical a well-engineered electrical foundation is to the data centers we rely on. Tomorrow’s Electricians and Electrical Engineers will need to be prepared for not only connecting circuits but connecting the technologies that our future will be built on. From cutting edge datacenter projects like this one to the next generation of the internet of things to smart cities and beyond, the innovations of tomorrow are being built on the solid electrical foundation that FSG brings to every project.

UV Disinfectant Lighting Webinar

Presented by FSG's Bernie Erickson

FSG Lighting expert Bernie Erickson discusses UV lighting and it's effectiveness to inactivate viruses and bacteria. Bernie references several industry resources such as the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) report on germicidal UV.

Made In America Original Series: FSG Signs

The History & Behind the Scenes Look at FSG Signs

In this episode of Made In America, the Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin, travels to Austin, TX to visit the Facility Solutions Group sign manufacturing plant. He goes behind the scenes, learning how they tackle signs of all sizes – from AT&T Stadium to Revolver Brewing. https://marketscale.com/industries/building-management/made-in-america-fsg/

Become an Electrician- A Satisfying Career

FSG technicians discuss their journey and the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

Ruben Garcia and Rafael Brambila discuss their journey to and through FSG. Ruben tells the story about being an unlicensed electrician for 15 years until coming to FSG where the team helped him get his journeyman license. According to Ruben, "These guys didn't give up on me."