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Dispatches from the Warfront to the Homefront

Marco Moreno Discusses the New Israeli Government

June 14, 2021 • Marco Moreno

In this episode, IAI director and IDF Lt. Col. Marco Moreno (Res.) discusses the transition of power in the Israeli parliament from Benyamin Netanyahu's government to a new coalition government, what it means for Israel, and how Wire listeners can make a difference for Israel in 2021.

Wire Special Report: The Roots of Rage, Part 1

June 8, 2021 • Devon Phillips

Devon reads her latest special report for the FAI Wire, delving into the historical backdrop for the recent Israel-Gaza conflict, and broadening our perspective to include the regional actors who are fueling the aggression of Hamas behind the scenes.

Update from Marco Moreno on the Israeli-Hamas Conflict

May 12, 2021 • Marco Moreno

Lt. Col. Marco Moreno (Res.) draws on three decades of experiences in the Israeli Defense Forces to give Wire listeners an insider analysis of the escalating conflict between the State of Israel and the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip. Email your questions for Marco to QandA@faimission.org for a chance to get an answer during the next Wire podcast. Otherwise, please listen, pray and share.

Update from Marco Moreno on the Jerusalem Crisis

May 10, 2021

Update from Marco Moreno on the Disaster at Mount Meron

April 30, 2021 • Marco Moreno

Listen to this update from Marco Moreno about the tragic incident in northern Israel that left more than 40 dead and more than 150 injured.

Abraham Accords: Israel and Sudan

October 28, 2020 • Gabriel Caligiuri

On 10/23/20, US President Trump announced diplomatic normalization between the State of Israel and the Republic of Sudan, the third Muslim-majority Arab state to announce a peace deal with the Jewish State since August. As many in the Middle East are celebrating the continued success of the so-called Abraham Accords, many Christians are asking whether Sudan's government can be trusted in light of its role in the future events of Ezekiel 38.

Escalation in Gaza and Mideast Peace

August 18, 2020 • Gabriel Caligiuri

In this episode, Gabe talks to IAI Director and IDF Lt. Col Marco Moreno (Res) about escalating tensions along the Gaza front in southern Israel, the backstory of the Gaza conflict, and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's long-term strategy in Gaza.

What the UAE Peace Accord Means for Israel

August 15, 2020 • Gabriel Caligiuri

In this episode, Gabe talks to IAI Director Lt. Col. Marco Moreno about the announcement of formal diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE and what it means for Israel and the region.

Lebanon, Hezbollah, and the Beirut Blast

August 7, 2020 • Gabriel Caligiuri

In this episode, Gabe interviews the director of Israel Alliance International, IDF Lt. Col. Marco Moreno (Res), about recent events in and around Lebanon, including the IDF standoff with Hezbollah at the Israeli-Lebanese frontier, the deadly blast in Beirut, and a brief history of the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

The Beirut Blast: What We Know So Far

August 5, 2020 • Gabriel Caligiuri

In this episode, Gabe summarizes what we know 36 hours after the massive explosion at the Port of Beirut in Lebanon, the chain of events which led to it, and how we can pray in the wake of the deadly catastrophe.

Syrian War Crimes Tribunal

July 27, 2020 • Gabriel Caligiuri

In this episode, Gabe interviews Devon Philips about the ongoing Syrian war crimes tribunal in Germany, and how citizens of a coming Kingdom of perfect justice should regard injustice in the present evil age.

Kurdistan Under Attack

June 30, 2020 • Gabriel Caligiuri

In this episode, Gabe talks to Adham, a field partner in Iraqi Kurdistan, about the ongoing Turkish and Iranian military campaign there, dubbed Operation: Eagle Claw, which is striking deeper into the region and closer to the communities in which FAI ministers regularly.

COVID-19 and Border Conflict in India

June 20, 2020

In this episode, Gabe interviews FAI field partner Vipin about the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown in India, which has resulted in mass migration across a nation of 1.4 billion people, as well as the military conflict last week along the Chinese-Indian border.

Kurdish Unity and Victory vs ISIS in Northeast Syria

May 28, 2020 • Gabriel Caligiuri

Gabe talks to Ahed al-Hendi, our Syria expert, about the importance and uniqueness of the Kurdish partnership with the US-led Coalition against ISIS in Northeast Syria, the significance of ongoing reconciliation talks between Kurdish factions there, and how you can be praying and advocating for the people of Northeast Syria today.

The Significance of Israel's Memorial Day Amidst COVID-19

April 27, 2020 • Marco Moreno