As We See the Day Approaching

Becoming confident conquerers in the Lord

The Eternal Kingdom

August 27, 2023 • Wayne Braudrick • Revelation 21—22

The Millennium

August 20, 2023 • Wayne Braudrick • Revelation 20

The Return

August 13, 2023 • Wayne Braudrick • Revelation 19


August 6, 2023 • Jeremy Mikeska • Revelation 17, Revelation 18

The Bowls

July 30, 2023 • Wayne Braudrick • Revelation 16, Revelation 15

Incredible destruction will come on the earth in judgment, yet people refuse to repent. The unholy trinity of dragon, beast, and false prophet will lead the war against repentance and against Israel, culminating in the climactic battle at Megiddo. The repeated refusal to repent comprises the critical takeaway for every age. Individuals and ultimately cultures either admit their twisted nature and turn to God for salvation or double down on their nonsensical self-reliance.

The Beasts

July 23, 2023 • Wayne Braudrick • Revelation 13, Revelation 14

There is a reason thrash- and death- metal artists often use Revelation 13-14 for their song lyrics. It’s a heavy metal passage! The first and second beasts are absolutely terrifying, while the purified Jewish song leaders are inspiring. Amazingly, God still offers salvation to the dried-out souls of earth, whose wickedness overflows without restraint. When that salvation is rejected, judgment comes.


July 16, 2023 • Jeremy Mikeska • Revelation 10, Revelation 11, Revelation 12

The Trumpets

July 9, 2023 • Wayne Braudrick • Revelation 8, Revelation 9

Revelation 8 and 9 detail the trumpets of judgment following a brief pause. God longs for all people to repent, but the harsh reality is that many humans are prideful and will (as we have throughout history) refuse to humble ourselves before our creator. This passage serves as a somber warning, both now, and for the future. Life change objective – We repent of our sins.

The Redeemed

July 2, 2023 • Wayne Braudrick • Revelation 7

Who then can be saved? Revelation 7 tells of suspended judgment in order for a certain group can be sealed for service. In this sermon, Pastor Wayne takes us through Revelation chapter 7 and shows how God's perfect provision will grant salvation, completed satisfaction, and a capacity to serve for future believers.

The Worthy Hands of Jesus

June 25, 2023 • George Hillman • Revelation 5, Revelation 6

Life Change- To know that only Jesus is worthy to make things right.

The Throne

June 18, 2023 • Wayne Braudrick • Revelation 4

Life Change- That we worship the Lord always.