On The Spot

James 1:21-27

January 22, 2017 • Pastor Levi Lusko

The Bible can't change us, but living out what it says can. We must hear consistently, act instantly, speak carefully and serve constantly if we want to create and keep the right changes in our lives.

Get Ahead of Yourself

February 2, 2020 • Pastor Levi Lusko

God doesn't want us to just get by, to live like we're just letting life happen to us, like we're ahead of ourself. We're learning how to zoom out, to look ahead and learn to listen to what God wants for us.

Get Ahead Of Yourself

February 5, 2017 • Pastor Levi Lusko

Kill the giant today, fight with his sword tomorrow.

Like A Hawk

January 29, 2017 • Pastor Levi Lusko

Nehemiah worked with a sword in one hand and a shovel in the other. Shut the gates–protect your progress.