Practice Makes Permanent

1 Kings 20:40

January 4, 2015 • Pastor Levi Lusko

We're all creatures of habit, and habits are powerful. Daily decisions create habits that determine the substance of our days and either drag us down or help us become the person God created us to be.

Fire Your Autopilot

Mark 10:1 • January 18, 2015 • Pastor Levi Lusko

Where your bad habits are concerned the problem is that they're automatic. It's time to shift out of autopilot into manual override and take control of the life Jesus Christ died for us to have.

Slow-Slicing Success

Daniel 6:1-10 • January 11, 2015 • Pastor Levi Lusko

In the second installment of "Creature of Habit", we see that success in the life of a believer is never accidental but starts with intentionality in the small things.