District Turns to Phonics After Decades of Handicapping Students with Quackery

September 5, 2023 • Alex Newman

After decades of handicapping children using discredited methods for “reading” instruction, a major school district in Texas is finally turning to phonics, drawing praise from advocates reading reform but surprisingly few calls for accountability. The new phonics program is replacing the “whole language” quackery starting this school year as the trend gains momentum nationwide.

UN Exploits Children to Push Agenda at “Climate” Summit

December 6, 2023 • Alex Newman

Heavily indoctrinated children and “youth” from around the world are being shamelessly exploited by political, business, and religious leaders at the United Nations COP28 “climate” summit in Dubai to push for planetary controls on the gas of life, wealth redistribution, and other agendas. While Greta Thunberg appears to have faded away, this weaponization of children is being done strategically to stir emotional responses.

Illinois High School Segregating Students by Skin Color

November 29, 2023 • Alex Newman

Under the guise of closing the “achievement gap” between students of European ancestry and those of African and Latino heritage, victims of a government school in Illinois are being put into classes segregated by race. Yes, really. Apparently, “education” officials believe eliminating all white students from class will help non-whites perform better, or so they say.

New Film “Art Club” Exposes Schools Luring Children Into Gender Madness

November 21, 2023 • Alex Newman

Children across the country are being recruited into transgenderism and the “LGBT” movement by trained operatives in government schools at an alarming rate, but one family victimized by the effort is fighting back hard. Erin Lee, the mother, is on a mission to protect other little girls from the horrors that her family endured.