Left's Newest Target: Classical Music

April 2, 2021 • Kate Dalley

Dr. Duke Pesta and conservative radio host Kate Dalley discuss the LEFT’S latest campaign to scrap sheet music due to it's connection to "white supremacy."

SC Parents Fight Schools On Sneaking LGBT Lessons Into Black History Month

February 17, 2021 • Dr. Duke Pesta

Dr. Duke Pesta sits down with William Bryant, a South Carolina parent, who reached out to FreedomProject when it was discovered that area schools in Spartanburg would be using Black History Month to sneak in LGBT history lessons.

Minnesota Schools Drop Holocaust History For Black Lives Matter

January 19, 2021 • Dr. Duke Pesta & Dr. Sandra Stotsky

Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Sandra Stotsky discuss a new push by Minnesota schools to remove WWI, WWII and Holocaust history from public school classrooms in order to teach Black Lives Matter.

Public Schools No Longer Teach Civics & Real History | Dr. Duke Pesta & Dr. Sandra Stotsky

January 13, 2021 • Dr. Duke Pesta & Dr. Sandra Stotsky

Dr. Duke Pesta & Dr. Ryan Owens Discuss Free Speech On Campus

January 8, 2021

Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Ryan Owens, Director of The Thompson Center, discuss a new survey that finds a shocking number of college students believe government should have the power to restrict free speech and punish "hate speech." Survey Results: https://bit.ly/3orrhvl