Sunday Night Worship 12/2/18

December 2, 2018 • Amick Cutler • Awaken The Bride Service

Stand In Your Love; Yes And Amen; Our Father; Be Enthroned;

Love for the Word

July 10, 2019 • Benjamin Watts & Bryant Spratlin

No one loves Jesus and His Word more than the Holy Spirit. “Love for the Word” is a 4 week course beginning Wednesday, July 10th at 6pm taught by Pastor Ben Watts and Bryant Spratlin that will help you learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit as you read the Bible, how to pay attention to the way the Holy Spirit thinks and flows with scripture and how He wants to work with your own heart and appetites to cultivate a persistent hunger for God’s Word. We’re going to focus on how to cultivate a daily lifestyle that puts the Word of God centerstage in your life, as well as give practical study tools to help you grow in your ability to break down the Word and extract revelation you can use practically in your own life and teach to others with confidence. If you’ve been intimidated by the idea of studying large chunks of scripture, if you’ve been struggling in a season where you lack that hunger for the Word and want it back, or if you just need to brush up on your study skills and want an excuse to be in the Word more, you’re going to enjoy “Love for the Word.” There will be childcare for this class for children 6 months to 10 years old. If you have questions about the class, you can email Ben Watts at ben@freedomchurchpensacola.com.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

6/9/19 • June 9, 2019 • Arnie McCall

Sunday Morning Worship 6/9/19

June 9, 2019 • Miranda Mitchell

Drenched In Love; Your Love Is Strong; Defender;