Stranger than Fiction

Right in the Eye

November 12, 2017 • Andy Stanley

There’s an unstated part of the American dream. It goes like this: “We have the freedom to do what we want, when we want, with whom we want, and nobody can tell us what to do . . . as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody.” But what if life doesn’t work that way? What if you can’t do what’s right in your own eyes without eventually hurting someone?

Ruthie and Bo Save Christmas

Right in the Eye • December 17, 2017 • Andy Stanley

The book of Judges records God’s chosen people doing what they want, when they want, with whom they want. The tragedy was that ancient Israel began with divine intervention and a divine mandate. They were to show the world who God was by being different than the nations around them. But for three hundred years they lived in a cycle of disobedience, disaster, and deliverance. The entire time Israel was ping-ponging back and forth from obedience to disobedience, during an era when everyone did what was right in his or her own eyes, God was up to something else—he was decorating for Christmas. 


Right in the Eye • December 10, 2017 • Andy Stanley

What kind of person do you want to be? When people have to stand and talk about you when you’re gone, what do you want them to say? Do you realize that’s up to you? What if you decided to be . . . extraordinary?

Nobody's that Stupid

Right in the Eye • December 3, 2017 • Andy Stanley

Chances are your greatest regret can be traced back to a decision where your body wanted something that your heart knew was wrong. An appetite was raging. You saw something or someone you wanted . . . even though he, she, or it wasn’t healthy for you. But you gave in to your body anyway. You yielded to the little kings that want to replace the Creator King who calls you to live from the inside out. What do you do when your body wants what your heart knows is wrong?