True Freedom

1 Timothy 2: 1-6

July 1, 2018 • Rev. Jim Solomon

Your prayers are heard by the God of the universe; the god who created YOU. It is amazing to think that this almighty, powerful god wants to hear from you. Rather than thinking about how or what to pray, let's think about for whom to pray. Pray for ALL people. Not just for those we know and love, or for those who love us, but for even those unlike us. Maybe even for someone who doesn't like you at all. We are also called to pray for our LEADERS. No matter how good or bad a leader may seem, Paul calls us to pray for them all. Remember, Paul wrote these words as he sat in a prison cell, put there by Nero; one of the most heinous leaders of the ancient times. 1 Timothy 2: 1-6 Jim Solomon

What Is Your Heart's Desire?

John 17: 1-5 • March 3, 2019 • Barry Phillips

"Father, give me the desire to desire what you desire for me?” When we can honestly and wholly pray that prayer, we are praying with the mind and heart of Christ. We desire to glorify the Father with whom we are now in eternal relationship. What is at the top of your list? "What Is Your Heart's Desire?" John 17: 1-5

Get Out!

John 2: 13-25 • January 13, 2019 • Rev. Dr. Gerrit Dawson

The temple court can be so clogged with the day to day trading that there is no room for prayer and worship. The marketplace is so loud we don’t hear the cries of the little ones. Get these things outta here! The new temple has been established. The body of Jesus is the temple. We are joined to him, we become living stones in his temple, growing and fitted together in love. "Get Out!" John 2: 13-25 Gerrit Dawson

The Best Is Yet To Come

John 2: 1-12 • January 6, 2019 • Rev. Dr. Gerrit Dawson

At the beginning of the New Year, we still believe the best is yet to come. 2019 may bring suffering or triumph, prosperity or struggle in our daily lives. But we know that Jesus will return to set all things right. We know that as we partake of him in faith, he makes us part of his mission to the world. Our little lives get taken up into the significance of his mighty work on behalf of all people. We become part of Christ’s massive blessing project on this earth. Whatever we do, we now do for his sake, in his name and for his glory. It changes everything. Even repetitive tasks and the duty of drudgery receive the fine wine of significance. For Jesus transforms it all. John 2: 1-12 Gerrit Dawson "The Best Is Yet to Come"