Conference in the Isle of Man

Douglas, IOM

18 - 20 June 2019 • Venue: Royal Hall, Villa Marina, Douglas

You are invited to join us for our 2019 Four12 Conference in the Isle of Man hosted by our Four12 Partners Living Hope. A key opportunity to gather together and sit under the teachings of our Four12 leader Andrew Selley, along with other Ephesians 4 gifts. We believe this will be a life-changing conference for all attendees, where we are able to build new relationships, encounter Jesus and further partner together to impact the nations. There will be a Pastors/Elders Day on Tuesday 18th June for all elders, pastors, deacons, ministry leaders and church leaders looking to partner with or learn more about Four12. There is no additional cost for this day but you will need to indicate at the time of your registration for the conference if you will also be attending the Pastors/Elders Day.

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Partnering & Mutual Submission - Part 2

by Andrew Selley

Accountability is so important for a healthy church. It is too easy for a whole church to be hijacked by a few bad men if there is not accountability that goes beyond the local church. But how can we achieve accountability beyond the local church that is not either stifling control or a form of accountability that really means nothing in practice?

Vaderskap Bedieninge

Standerton, Mpumalanga, RSA

Lead Eldership Couple: Jacques & Luise Janse van Rensburg Email:  jacques.luise@gmail.com Tel: +27 83 6558 323 Where We Meet: Vaalrivier, High School, Walter Sisulu Drive, Standerton, 2429 South Africa

Partnering & Mutual Submission - Part 1

by Andrew Selley

One of the fears that many pastors have when considering how or even if they should link their church in with a partnership of churches like Four12 is that they will experience a stifling form of control. In this video, Andrew expounds upon the heart of godly partnership and mutual submission. Ultimately, authority is given not taken in the kingdom.