São Paulo, Brazil

Lead Elders: Angelo & Carolina Sotero Bazzo Tel: +55 11 942 420 527 Email: contato@movimentoconvergencia.org Where We Meet:  Centro, R. Manoel Cabral, 16 - Vila Magal, Monte Mor - SP, 13190-000, Brazil

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Evergreen Parenting in Kimberley

Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa • 9 - 11 Maart 2020

Mac and Naudine Adaimi from Joshua Generation Church will be ministering into one of our partners, His Love Church, in Kimberley. They will be facilitating a parenting training course during this time. This church is led by Luaan and Almarie Strydom. For more information please email info@four12global.com

16 Momentum

Church Planting Training & Equipping by Andrew Selley • November 5, 2019

It takes a group of committed and passionate individuals to start a movement, not just one leader. The church has always been intended to be a unified body of people who love God and love each other with all of their lives. Andrew explains that this is how we build momentum for the Kingdom.

15 Growing Together

Church Planting Training & Equipping by Andrew Selley • November 5, 2019

We are all called to make disciples of the nations, reaching out of our comfort zones to see lives be impacted by the love of Jesus. It is important to understand that the Kingdom of God is advanced by one step at a time and through one person at a time as the body of Christ grows together.