04 Advancing the Kingdom Through Hardship

Daniel Barnard

October 5, 2017 • Conference in South Africa 2017

Dan Barnard shares the truth of hardship as a blessing in the believer’s life, expanding on how the Kingdom of God is often most advanced through hardship.

01 The Kingdom Through Us

Will Marais • October 4, 2017

Will Marais gives us an explanation on the differences between the church and the Kingdom.

02 God as Our Spouse

Brad Verreynne • October 4, 2017

Brad Verreynne shares the truth of how an intimate relationship with Jesus is a necessity to see the Kingdom advance.

03 Assurance of Salvation

Michael d’Offay • October 5, 2017

Michael d’Offay looks at the ‘Doctrine of Assurance’. Answering the crucial question, “how do I know I am really saved?”.