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F12 Conference in IOM 2017

June 15, 2017 • Conference in the Isle of Man 2017

01 When God Reveals to us His Person, His Power and His Provision

Will Marais • June 13, 2017

Will Marais shares the truth of how when a person is exposed to God's revelation of Himself, it often supersedes the need for answers. It supernaturally secures and empowers the person in the knowledge of God's sovereignty and majesty - whether their circumstances change or not!

02 Slaves of God

Andrew Selley • June 14, 2017

Andrew Selley expounds on the incredible importance of understanding the foundational truth of being slaves of God. How does this truth work out in our lives? How does this affect how we relate to Jesus Christ?

03 A Heart Connected

Mervis van der Merwe • June 14, 2017

Mervis van der Merwe shares on how a fully mature son in the spirit, lives for one thing- the glory of his Father. He brings into the earth the nature, image and the purposes of his Father. If we desire to walk in true obedience we need a great revelation of His love and then allow that love to do a work in us.