Light Up The Night

Christmas, 2016 - Pastor Jon Jennings


December 24, 2016 • Pastor Jon Jennings

Christmas often produces a pace of life that makes inner peace, peace with others and peace with God a challenge. Fortunately Christ came to be the Prince of Peace and the message of the angels tells us how to make peace a reality in our lives.

Unto Us, Over Us and Around Us

December 18, 2016 • Pastor Jon Jennings

Advent is about expectant hope and repentance, but it is also about filling our lives with unspeakable joy. The joy of advent comes from the good news delivered to all people. God desires to step into our ordinary lives with His extraordinary glory.

Prepare the Way

December 11, 2016 • Pastor Jon Jennings

Waiting expectantly for the Advent is not a passive endeavor in spite of the difficulties. Every heart has to prepare room for the coming of the King and it involves a process on our part which continues to build hope in our lives as we pursue it.

Expectant Hope

December 4, 2016 • Pastor Jon Jennings

Waiting is hard, especially when we face dark times, and the darkness lingers, thereby deferring the hope of a better day which once filled our heart. The first advent of Christ speaks directly to what can happen when expectant hope fills our heart.