Pastor Jon Jennings

The Operating System

September 3, 2017 • Pastor Jon Jennings

God is more than capable of rebooting vital areas of life. There is, however, a base that we cannot afford to ignore. While not glamorous, this base actually gives us the capacity to engage with the purpose of God at a higher level and bring damage to the kingdom of darkness

Shaping Culture Through Missions

August 27, 2017 • Pastor Jon Jennings

Minimizing our mission in the world is bothersome and dangerous. What Christ entrusted to us is not just an assignment - it matters. The mission of God needs us and to complete it will take a resolve that says no matter what, we will not stop.

Shaping Culture Through Serving

August 20, 2017 • Pastor Jon Jennings

When Nehemiah received word that Jerusalem was in ruins, his heart was moved to action. He didn't just assess the situation, he was fully prepared to get involved in the process of rebuilding. God is still looking for people who will serve His purposes in their generation.

Empowering Journeys Through Community

August 13, 2017 • Pastor Jon Jennings

Church was never designed to be once a week. Jesus envisioned a community of people that understood the power of shared life and vision. The first Christians captured it, but as seen with ancient Israel, accomplishing Jesus' vision is easier said than done.

Empowering Journeys Through Worship

August 6, 2017 • Pastor Jon Jennings

When Israel went through a Reboot, there were four specific areas to which God gave greater clarity of purpose. One of those areas was worship. Israel's worship was to reveal God's glory to the world and when worship is rebooted, the glory than comes is always greater.