Final Last Words

Pastor Jon Jennings

Jesus: His Prayer For You

February 3, 2019 • Pastor Jon Jennings

We may not realize this, but our Savior prayed for us hours before His crucifixion. This prayer is a powerful reminder of not only His love for us, but also His desire for us as we carry out His mission. The reality is, He is STILL praying for us. How can we fail?

Paul: The Race

January 27, 2019 • Gwen Jennings

Throughout Paul's life, he often referred to the Christian life as a race - one that had to be run in spite of everything life throws at us. As we transition seasons at the Fountain, Paul's final words to Timothy echo to us - finish strong.

Moses: Command Your Children

January 20, 2019 • Pastor Jon Jennings

Moses lived three lifetimes. When he reached the end of his time on earth, he had incredible perspective on multiple aspects of life. As a parting gift to Israel, he spoke directly from his heart, specifically on how to live life in relationship with God. One thing he understood deeply was the importance of imparting God's word to the next generation. Failing here, we fail everywhere.

David: Bless The Lord Your God

January 13, 2019 • Pastor Jon Jennings

The phrase "famous last words" has become somewhat satirical in our culture. The truth is, most people would want their last words to be remembered. The are numerous famous last words in scripture that speak right to the heart about key issues in life. David's final exhortation to Israel encourages us to live a life that is not only blessed by God, but also blesses the Lord in return.