Journey To The Father

May 21, 2017 • Pastor Jon Jennings • Agape Road, Week 1

On a journey it's easy to lose sight of the goal. Distractions will cause us to forget the ultimate purpose. So it is with the Christian life. The goal is to know God intimately, thus, we can't let distractions block our sight of that goal.

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Shedding The Labels

June 25, 2017 • Pastor Jon Jennings

Things that lodge in our heart can keep us off the Agape Road. Often, these things are labels that we have either put on ourselves or had them placed upon us by others. God wants to bring those labels to the surface, not for our destruction, but rather for our healing.

Kill The Beast

June 18, 2017 • Pastor Jon Jennings

The cycles we find ourselves trapped in keep us from true intimacy with God. Often we buy into the lie that we can control our actions and thoughts simply by developing our own filter. Jesus says there's a deeper issue at play, one that requires our utmost diligence and care.

The Eros Prison

June 4, 2017 • Pastor Jon Jennings

While the goal of the Christian life is clear, the journey toward that goal is laden with conflict that draws us off course. A misunderstanding of love is the primary deterrent to reaching the goal of knowing God. It can bind us up, but there is freedom to be found in Christ.