Humble Service 2.0

John 13:1-17

July 17, 2016 • Ryan Williams

In living a perfect life, Jesus has provided for us a perfect example in all things but in particular he shows us what it is to serve. How does the gospel lead us to be amazed by and follow Jesus’ example in humble service? Discipleship Questions: What are some ways you expect to be served in different areas of your life? How do you react when you aren’t served in the way you believe you should? When has God served you in tangible ways throughout your life? Of the three types of Christian service (inside, outside and church) which do you find the easiest? Why? Who is God calling you to serve right now? How will you be obedient to him?

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Kingdom Living 2.0

Matthew 16:13-19 • July 24, 2016 • Ryan Williams

God’s Kingdom is one of the major themes in the scriptures, what is it? And how does the church play a role in the establishing of the Kingdom of God in the world? But furthermore how does God, equip, call and provide the authority to his Church to achieve this mission? Discipleship Questions 1. How have you understood the concept of the Kingdom of God in the past? 2. Why is receiving both ‘Promise’ and ‘Power’ from Jesus important if we are going to be used by God in his Kingdom? 3. How do you feel about being given the authority by Jesus to do his kingdom work? 4. Being a part of a local church is the key to understanding the use of God’s authority, how have you seen the church do God’s work? 5. Read Rev 12:10-11, what does this passage describe? Notice the use of inclusive language (they, their) how do you see the passage differently in light of this?

Bible Teaching 2.0

July 10, 2016 • Ryan Williams

The whole bible is essentially one grand and powerful narrative that shapes and molds those who believe and submit to its teachings. But what is the point of this great narrative? Is it simply to modify or change someone's behavior, their outlook on life, or to encourage them in tough times? Or is there something else at the point of this great story? Join us as we study why the bible and it’s teaching is a ‘Pillar’ of Foundation Church. Discipleship Questions: 1. What are some things you have been told about the bible that you now longer believe to be true? 2. If Jesus is central to the bible’s story then how should you read the bible? 3. Why is the cross of Jesus Christ the defining moment in all history? 4. What is the gospel? 5. Why does believing the gospel have such a powerful effect on our lives?

Love for Others 2.0

Ephesians 1:4-7 • July 3, 2016 • Ryan Williams

Love plays a bigger role in our lives than we all might think. As humans to be deprived of love has grave and destructive results. How are we as God’s people able to receive and empowered to give God’s love out effectively to all people? Discipleship Questions: 1. When in your life has the absence of love affected you? 2. Have you tried to give love from your own strength and failed? How did that feel? 3. How does understanding your position in God’s family encourage you to show God’s love? 4. What role does the community of God’s people play in showing love to others? 5. In what way has God opened a door for you to love others? Will you do it?