First Things First

Living for What Matters

Hope for the Future

April 28, 2024 • Pastor Tim Zuck • Haggai 2:20–23

In this crazy world filled with threats, instability, and social insanity we can feel helpless thinking that our actions are insignificant. Instead of being shaken, God invites us to fix our attention on the unshakeable kingdom to come.

Pursue Holiness

April 21, 2024 • Pastor Tim Zuck • Haggai 2:10–19

Sometimes being casual is okay. Casual dress. Casual conversation. Other times, being casual is not acceptable. If we become casual about nutrition and exercise, the scale might convince us to exercise greater caution. It’s an all-too-common mistake that we make in our relationship with God. Discover why being casual or careless in our spiritual journey is a risk we can't afford to take.

Stay Committed To God's Plan

April 14, 2024 • Pastor Tim Zuck • Haggai 2:1–9

Expectations - we all have them. When our expectations aren't met we become disappointed and discouraged. In these moments we can defeat our discouragement not by changing the circumstances but by changing our perspective.

Seek God First

April 7, 2024 • Pastor Tim Zuck • Haggai 1

Every family can relate to trying to manage a list of seemingly competing priorities that leave us frustrated and stressed. The answer to this all-too-familiar dilemma isn't more time but a greater focus on what matters most.