Brewing Faith

Deepen your faith and stimulate your faith in Christ.

Divine Symphony: Exploring the Enigma of The Trinity

May 4, 2024 • Pastor Tim Zuck

This month's "Brewing Faith" dives into the mystery of the Trinity. We will introduce you to the biblical teaching and significance for our lives.

Brewing Faith: 3 Big Questions About God

April 6, 2024

How do we know God exists? Can we really know Him? What is God like?

Four Things Every Christian Should Know about the Bible

March 2, 2024 • Pastor Tim Zuck

Discover the aim of the Bible. Hint: it’s not just to know more and sound smart! Know how to answer the objection that the Bible is a book of “fairy tales.” Learn a simple acronym to help you discover the meaning of any biblical passage. Discover the key to unlocking the mystery of the Bible.