Sermon Clips

The Power of Emptiness

April 1, 2024 • Pastor Tim Zuck • 1 Peter 1:3–5

God does His best work with emptiness and the empty tomb is the greatest work to date.

How to Move From Hurt

March 17, 2024 • Pastor Tim Zuck • 2 Corinthians 5:15–20

Holding onto hurt from others hurts you. Move from holding onto hurt to making peace with others.

Wrestling with Wrath

March 3, 2024 • Pastor Tim Zuck

We love the idea of a loving God but a wrathful God, not so much. Yet, we often fail to take notice that our response to wrongs against us is rooted in the very thing that makes us bristle.

Whose Identity am I Wearing?

May 22, 2023

"Who" you wear will directly influence how you live.

How Jesus Defines a Successful Mom

May 14, 2023 • Pastor Tim Zuck

What Science Can't Explain

May 7, 2023 • Pastor Tim

Science can't explain everything.

Jesus-Shaped Holiness

Pastor Tim Zuck

Make sure your holiness is shaped after Jesus.