The Silent Presence Of Angels

July 14, 2019 • Guy Murphy

In this Focus show, Guy Murphy discusses the importance of the angels in a person’s life. He recounts an anecdote that happened to him while in Medjugorje that proves that angels are everywhere, in any size, shape or form. Most importantly, Guy discusses his close and special relationship with the Blessed Mother, and how she isn’t afraid to put him in his place when he needs it! Join Guy as he talks about The Silent Presence of Angels....That’s Our Focus!

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Evidence of the After Life Part 2

Dr. Jeffery Long

Renown radiation oncologist and best selling author, Dr. Jeffrey Long and his ground breaking study along with other scientist has just confirmed there is life after death. This study reveals that consciousness continues even after once the person has died. Dr. Long has one of the largest databases that continues to grow. He reveals that the most common memories are feelings of levitation total serenity, detachment from the body, security, warmth, and experience the absolute presence of an overwhelming light as well as some of the most frightening and hellish experiences. Evidence of the Afterlife and God and the Afterlife just may have answered one of the largest questions in history of mankind. Focus’ life after death programs continue to be our best sellers.

Unexplainable Grace Exists

September 22, 2019 • Guy Murphy

In this Focus show, Guy Murphy, who has personally visited Medjugorje over 80 times in the course of 30 years, discusses his great enthusiasm as to how Pope Francis has now given the green light for pilgrimages to Medjugorje.


September 29, 2019 • Dr. Rachael Murphy, M.D.

In the pilot episode for a brand new series, Dr. Rachael Murphy, an internist and addictionologist, explains the abundance of addictions experienced in today's world.