Preparing for the Miracle at Garabandal

Building a House for Mary

Guy Murphy

Guy Murphy is the founder of Totally Yours pilgrimages. He is a devout advocate for Our Blessed Mother and travels throughout the world bringing pilgrims to holy shrines. In this Focus production he explained why Garabandal holds a very special place in his heart. Guy feels he has been called by God to prepare for the miracle promised by Our Lady by building a "House for Mary" a place for all pilgrims in the sacred village of Garabandal.

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The Weapon Of Conversion

February 10, 2019 • Guy Murphy

After many years of Catholic education and going on to becomes a mechanical engingeer, Guy Murphy came to the startling realization that he had no clue about the Catholic faith. So he decided to read the Bible...baffling! Then, he heard about Medjugorje, a small village where the Mother of Jesus was appearing...Miracles? Messages? Guy Murphy would just have to see about this for himself. In his own humorous way, he tells how he found his faith. The Blessed Mother truly captivated his heart. Since Guy's conversion, he has dedicated himself to converting hearts and lives through http://pilgrimages.the Weapon of http://medjugorje...the Weapon Of http://conversion...that's Our Focus!

Unspeakable Grief Unimaginable Faith

April 22, 2018 • Steve Morgan

The loss of a child is a loss like no other. Steve Morgan's son, Chris, was celebrating his graduation with a group of friends by backpacking through Italy when his life was cut irreversibly short. Steve's unimaginable faith gives him the courage and urges him to say his name, share stories about him, express his love for him every chance he gets, everywhere he goes. Steve speaks of his deceased son as naturally as others speak of their living ones. Just because it might make others uncomfortable doesn't stop him. He knows Chris' love is alive, only now he lives in heaven. He is convinced he has seen proof from God that the light of his son's live continues to reverberate by touching other lives again and again in mysterious ways... whenever that happens overwhelming joy overcomes him. In this Focus show, you will be awe struck by the power of Steve's unimaginable faith and how he has turned unspeakable grief into a loving lasting legacy.

You Are My Chosen Victim

December 2, 2018 • Fr Doug Mitchell

Fr Doug Mitchell tells the story of how his late wife, Lylan, offered up her suffering for Jesus.