Reducing Stress with the Help of Others

December 3, 2019 • Jim Daly & John Fuller • Guests: Milan & Kay Yerkovich

Milan and Kay Yerkovich discusss how it's only through community that you can find healthy ways to manage your stress.

Advice for the Dreamer and Commander Parents

February 16, 2021 • Guest: Mike Berry

Mike Berry identifies four common parenting types that can be harmful to children, and offers some solutions for avoiding two of these unhealthy patterns.

When He Won't Commit

February 15, 2021 • Guest: Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas discusses why women have to make a painful decision about giving up a dating relationship that's going nowhere.

How to Discuss Your Sexual Past

February 15, 2021 • Guest: Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas explains why dating couples who have past sexual baggage must discuss these issues before getting married.